We are former restaurant owners, managers, waiters and waitresses. We are chefs and technology gurus. We are innovation nerds and baristas. We have worked in tasting rooms and at kiosks in malls. We have come together because we want technology that doesn’t get in the way of you getting your [pizza, latte, wine, next best thing] masterpieces to the masses.



  • noun| one that is associated with another as a helper: a person or group that provides assistance and support.
  • verb | to unite or form a connection or relation between: to form or enter into an alliance.

”We are here to help each other compete and win. We get fired up when we get to be a part in helping others succeed. “


  • adjective | having or showing honesty: STRAIGHTFORWARD, being what it seems to be : GENUINE

”The real deal.  
No sugar coating allowed.  
We do what we say.
Transparent and Accountable “


  • adjective | having a pledge of commitment to someone or something

”We are all in.  We hold our products and services are to the highest standards in order to serve you better. Excellence is habit here.“


  • verb | to indulge in banter or play

”We are serious about business but don’t take ourselves too seriously.
Or do we? 😉